Axes of Action

Axes of Action

Sustainability Strategies

Design and development of solutions and strategies, adjusted to each organizational and territorial context, with a focus on socio-environmental sustainability. It promotes the construction and validation of proposals and solutions based on the perceptions, needs and positions of those involved and affected by the issues addressed, listening, registering, and considering different opinions and points of view.

Integrated Territorial Planning

Support for territorial planning, aiming to promote socioeconomic development with environmental balance, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, and social inclusion. To do so, it adopts participatory, systemic, and adapted methodologies and approaches to the contexts considered.

Governance and Management Support for Sustainability

Design of multi-stakeholder governance models and structures, operating strategies, as well as managerial and logistical support for social and environmental initiatives and projects.

Environmental Financial Mechanisms

Design financial and resource mobilization mechanisms to promote and support climate and social and environmental agendas.

Knowledge Production and Management

Recognition and consideration of the sociocultural, institutional, economic, and environmental characteristics and conditions of the contexts and territories in which it operates, associating global and local perspectives. Development of studies, survey and analysis of data and information, opinion taking, training and dissemination activities.